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Inverter parameters:
Nominal power (kW):
Maximum power (kW):
Auxiliary consumptions (kW):
Power efficiency curve:  

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List of suitable inverters found for the specified power:

Points of its efficiency curve:
LV/MV Transformer:
Nominal power (kW):
Iron losses (kW):
Copper losses (kW):
MV/HV Transformer:
Nominal power (kW):
Iron losses (kW):
Copper losses (kW):
DC wiring losses between PV generator and inverter (%):
AC wiring losses between inverter and MV transformer (%):
AC wiring losses between MV and HV transformers (%):
AC wiring losses between HV transformer and the PPC (%):

Static head (m):
Friction losses at design flow (m):
Design flow (m3/h):
Type of PV system:
Type of pumping:
First month of irrigation:
Last month of irrigation:
Pumped liquid:
Liquid density (Kg/m3):

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List of suitable pump models found for the specified working flow and pressure:

Pump curve
Q [m3/h]: H [m]
Shaft power curve
Q [m3/h]: P2 [kW]
Pump motor:
Rated shaft power (kW):
Rated speed used for pump data (rpm):
Minimum speed, relative to the rated speed, for water cooling:
Maximum speed, relative to the rated speed:
Mains frequency (Hz):
Rated voltage:
Motor power efficiency curve
P2 [kW] Efficiency [%]

PV Application:
Analysis type:
Optimum Slope:
Soiling impact (%):
Spectral response:
Diffuse radiation modeling:
Monthly diffuse correlation:
Daily diffuse correlation:
Hourly diffuse correlation:
Shading model:
Minimum irradiance (W/m2):
Ground Reflectance:


Time parameters:
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Time reference:

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